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/Affiliate Registration

Want to earn some extra money on the side? Register for the Affiliate Program with Hot Cut and earn 20% sales commission on all your referrals to our site.

Why do we need affiliates?

We have found that the best return for our advertising money is on Facebook marketplace, which is free to advertise on, so its a no-brainer. We have found on average, you will get between 100 and 200 respondents on one well worded ad and about 50% of those will purchase something.

We would put an ad up in each area around Australia but the only limitation is that we can only advertise on Facebook market place within a 10km radius from our location. This is where the affiliate program comes in play. We are interested to build an affiliate network of people around Australia who promote our popular signs into their local areas. And your reward will be 20% of referred sales. This 20% is what would normally be put into a marketing budget, but as you are doing the leg work, that percentage will now be yours!

What do affiliates need to do?

Its pretty simple, if you have ever tried to sell something on Facebook marketplace, then you already know most of what is required. Simply place an ad up on market place in your local area, field a series of questions which we will give you all the answers to on a cheat sheet. Refer them to our web page through your personal referral link, and when they finalize their purchase, you are credited with 20% of the sale.

The more time and effort you put into the respondents, the higher the likelihood that they will finalize their purchase, and the more money you will earn. If you simply reply with your referral link and do not engage in conversation any further then the likelihood of them purchasing is a lot lower. You only get back what you put into it, remember its a customer service role.

What do I need to join the affiliate program?

  1. An active Facebook account, as you will be advertising on Facebook Marketplace
  2. An active PayPal account, as we pay out your commissions each Sunday afternoon for that week. If you don’t have PayPal its easy to register for an account, and then once you have the money in your PayPal account, you can withdraw it directly into your bank account. We prefer PayPal, for us its the easiest, and your payments are instant!
  3. Be the only affiliate in your local area.
  4. We provide everything else! Such as images, answers to all the common questions, and even sample stock for your own photos once you start making sales!


Your commissions will be paid out every Sunday afternoon for the week just gone, via PayPal.

Do I receive sample stock so I can take my own photographs?

When initially joining the affiliate program, you are provided with our stock photos that we use on our own ads in our local area. These stock photos have been used with great success! But yes, once you start making sales, we will be regularly sending you stock samples so you have something to show people in your area who want to see it in person before they make their purchase.

Coming into major holidays of the year, you will also receive samples for that occasion, such as Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, they are our busiest times of the year.

Ready to sign up?

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